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Recent Path of Exile Builds:

Path of exile builds witch

[3.14] Burning Arrow Build | Elementalist | Ultimatum | Path of Exile 3.14 path of exile icon

Witch - Mainskill: Burning Arrow - created by wishdropper

Path of exile builds witch

[3.14] Witch Build List path of exile icon

Witch - created by widotchu

Path of exile builds duelist

[3.14] Duelist Champion Cyclone (test build) path of exile icon

Duelist - Mainskill: Cyclone - created by Stargather

Path of exile builds scion

[3.14] Pathfinder/Berserker Scion CoC Reap 42 Million Sirus DPS path of exile icon

Scion - Mainskill: Berserk - created by ubergeek1221

Path of exile builds witch

[3.14] Reap Elementalist path of exile icon

Witch - created by theheli0s

Why I am creating Path of Exile Builds

I know there are currently a few websites which index poe builds and structure the data. But still I want to keep working on my site because I plan to expand the usability. There is an important feature which I want to implement that nobody has done before: In addition to indexing all available builds I plan to provide a structured detail page for every path of exile build starting with version 3.0. This means you don't have to gather all information you need from the forum or elsewhere, where everybody presents the data in a different way. I personally play the game since a few years now and still feel like there is much more to learn. We all know the game has a very complex skill system, especially hard to understand for new players. I am always searching for certain information while playing, such as which bandit do I have to kill or help, where do I saw the information on ascendancy classes again? etc. I am trying to solve the problem with Path of Exile Builds, here the information on the builds are structured and well represented (I hope), so while playing you instantly find what you have to do. This whole thing is fan-made and a one man show, just because I love the game and think this can help people. Any feedback on the website is welcome.

I am also planning to expand the website and to create even more POE related things like:

You can use to get in contact with me.