About me

My name is Roman and I am living in germany, I am a passionate gamer and big fan of Path of Exile. Path of Exile Builds is a project which I had already for a few months in mind, finally I started working on it.

I have a full time job, but I will work constantly on the website. Feel free to share the project anywhere you like. If you want to cantact me, use: admin@path-of-exile-builds.com

How path-of-exile-builds.com works?

I have created a certain number of scripts to keep the site up to date, from time to time I will validate all builds whether they are still available and also upgrade them to the next version if the creator has done so.

In addition, I am trying to index builds also from youtube and other sources, I will also look into the russian community (my russian language skills are decent).

Right now the search function works for all build versions, but in future I will delete old version builds. Or probably refine the search function a bit. For the moment I want to keep it simple and userfriendly.

What is special about path-of-exile-builds.com?

It will index builds not only from the forums but also from other sources.

I plan to provide a detail site for each build, where the information is represented in a certain format, so searching for build information will be much faster and efficient (especially for new players).

I am also planning to expand the website and to create even more POE related things like:

  • A quiz game about path of exile (Done, check the links in the navigation)
  • A list with useful resources/links about poe things
  • A community (users will be able to register to this website and add own builds, quiz questions etc.)(Done for quiz)

Quiz Game

All questions are created at the moment only by myself. I will try to upload new questions every day and I will try to keep a fair balance between all difficulty levels. Right now, there are around 200 questions.

In addition to the game I am collecting some stats on the questions, for example how often a question shows up and how often a question is answered correctly. Which are the hardest and the easiest questions and some more statistics on the quiz: Quiz Game Statistics

Even though I think I have enough knowledge to create these questions, it is possible that there are mistakes. For now it would help a lot if these mistakes were reported by using admin@path-of-exile-builds.com. In future I plan to add a report function, but this should be probably connected to a community.

After a question is answered the correct answer will be marked green and if answered wrong, the wrong answer will be marked red. Also an information on the question will be displayed with a link to the wiki, so new players can learn.

The Rules

It is possible that more than one answer is correct.

The number of correct answers is shown under the question.

Merciless questions grant 3 points, cruel questions grant 2 points and normal questions grant 1 point.

For the Future

As it seems people like the quiz, so I am focusing now much more on the quiz game

It is also possible to create a community around the quiz game. People could be able to register to the website and create and manage their own quiz questions or even quiz games. A share function for social media etc. Suggestions on more features are welcome.